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Data-level observability allows users to monitor and analyze data in real-time, providing valuable insights to make sure you code your processing functions to fit your data best.

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Equip Any Developer With Data Engineering Superpowers By Developing Or Employing Serverless Functions For Highly Customizable Real-Time Pipelines.

Process Real-Time Data

Using Serverless Functions


Memphis Functions

A Dev-first Platform, Created To Equip Any Developer With Data Engineering Superpowers By Developing Serverless Functions For Stream Processing.

Making it hard for devs and data teams to keep pace and adapt their pipelines.

Here are the roadblocks to deploying new event-driven features:

Data is constantly evolving and

new business requirements continually arise.


Hard to debug and troubleshoot

No code reuse

Highly coupled code

Yet another task on the sprint

It takes valuable dev time


More and more organizations are leveraging real-time events

Serving multiple use cases and a growing number

of in-house customers with real-time events than ever before. makes it easy to get started on your event-driven journey. The first step is to write your function. This should be done as if you were writing code for AWS Lambda.

We will take care of the boilerplate, orchestration, scale, monitoring, error handling, and more.

Step 1: Write your function